Wer ist trivelitup ?

Hallo, Mingalarbar, Hola, 你好, Hello, Olá, chào chào bạn…

…welcome to the Trivelitup travel blog that is fed with adventures, short trips tips, long distance inspirations, culture explorations, food experiences and everything connected with travelling by Josephine and Markus.

We not only have the urge to discover this wonderful planet that we can call our home – but we also love neologism.

That’s why our big dream is to Trivelitup, a composition of travel & live:

Live it up = to enjoy yourself

Travel it up = to travel the world

If you haven’t seen enough yet, check out more photos, videos and stories on Instagram #trivelitup

P.s.: Josephine & Markus = Jokus <3

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