Since you can probably lose yourself completely in the travel preparation, if you are the rather “planned” type, we have only taken the most important things into our blog. Preparations without which it can’t or shouldn’t start. So is the topic of vaccinations.

The itinerary now serves as a base for you to exchange with a virologist who can give you a wonderful vaccination plan for around 30€. You certainly don’t want to stand at the airport, joyfully and excited to discover a new country and you can’t enter because you don’t have a stamp for yellow fever in your vaccination card. Quite apart from the fact that this is also about your health, it is also about the health of your fellow countrymen. Therefore, please inform yourself about your individual vaccination plan at least 6 months before the start of your journey. There are vaccinations that e.g. must not be older than 6 months if you want to enter certain countries. Or you want to protect yourself against e.g. malaria with tablets, because there are no vaccinations yet. In addition the consultation is doubly practical, because the standard vaccinations like Tetanus, Diphtherie, Pertussis or Polio are likewise checked on the actuality.

We recommend the Techniker Krankenkasse in Germany – unfortunately we can not speak for other countries. Just consult your insurance through phone or appointment and figure out witch offers the best options for frequent travelers.

Below are the vaccinations suggested to us for our trip with a focus on South America and Asia (everywhere we have to add the medical costs between 10€ and 17€ per vaccination session, which were covered by our health insurance in all cases):

Classical hepatitis A and B

There is a combination preparation which one receives on day 0 on day 28 as well as after 6 months of the first vaccination. The costs for the basic immunization of “Twinrix™ Adults” amount to approx. 80€ per piece, of which 216€ for all three vaccinations were paid by our insurance.

Spreading – Hepatitis A and B

Typhoid Vi Antigen

Typhoid fever is a unique “dead vaccination” which, similar to cholera, can be transmitted through contaminated drinking water or food. The vaccination can be injected in combination with others. It is best to take it directly on your first appointment of vaccination so you can check this one of your list. Affected are Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, especially South Asia. The costs for “TyphimVi®” are 18.69€, which were completely covered by our insurance.

FSME – Early summer meningoencephalitis

(We hope this is the right translation sorry!) Whoever wants to stomp darkly dressed and ankle-free through forests should (also in Europe) undergo this vaccination against tick bites in order to avoid the associated danger of meningitis. In rare cases, glass of fresh milk may also be the pathogen if the animal is infected. In this case, a vaccination is given for the rapid scheme on day 0 on day 7 and on day 21 in order to obtain the basic immunisation. To be fully immunised, the fourth and last vaccination is needed one year after. The cost for “Encepur® Adults” is 44.47€ per unit, which was completely covered by our insurance.

Meningococci A,C,W,Y

(We hope this is the right translation sorry!) These bacteria can be transmitted by droplets when the person sitting next to you coughs on the bus or when flirting with your new acquaintance. The costs for the one-time vaccination for “Mencevax® ACWY” are 39.69€, which were completely covered by our insurance.


The ” dead vaccination ” rabies is particularly recommended if you possibly have a cheeky monkey sitting on your shoulder, which confuses your finger with the banana. This vaccine was completely out of stock at the time of our vaccination in all pharmacies, only the virology of the university clinic had the vaccine in stock. According to old standards the vaccination is injected on day 0 on day 7 as well as on days 21 to 28. However, there is good news for everyone with syringe phobia – the WHO (World Health Organization) has found out that the basic immunization already exists after 2 vaccinations. Since it is a so-called off-label use, we had to sign a consent with the doctor and only gave ourselves two vaccinations. (Form download). The costs for “Rabipur®” are 65,69€ per piece, which were completely covered by our insurance.

Spreading – Hydrophobia

Measles Mumms Rubella

Measles Mumms Rubella, is a “live vaccination” so please be careful at least 4 days after the vaccination, it is advisable especially as a woman with future desire to have children. Also at home in Germany, you should have this vaccination completed – if not already done. The costs for “ViATIM®” are 60,58€, which were completely covered by our insurance.

Japanese Encephalitis

The “dead vaccination” Japanese Encephalitis is to be recommended with journeys within Asia, with a travel style which is rather somewhat more economical. So if you want to sleep half-naked on the rice field, stay overnight in the country, cross wild fields full of pigs without thinking about it or cuddle horses and other animals – then you should get the injection. The transmitter is also the mosquito. The vaccination is given on day 0 as well as on day 28 to get the first immunisation. After 3 years the vaccination should be refreshed in case of another trip. The costs for “Ixiaro®” are 96,51€ each, of which 173,72€ were paid by our insurance.

Spreading – Japanese Encephalitis


Cholera is recommended if you also want to discover fishy specialties on street markets without feeling a direct consequence in your stomach. The vaccine is taken orally on day 0 and at the earliest on day 7 latest within 6 weeks after the first dose. Please do not eat, drink or take any other medication 1 hour before and after taking this medicine. Fill the powder into half a glass of water approx. 125ml and let it foam up, then fill the glass with another approx. 125ml, add the liquid and drink within 5 minutes sip by sip. So you can take this comfortably at home. Deadline: Take at least one month before your trip. The costs for “Dukoral®” are 63.14€, of which 56.83€ were paid by our insurance.

Spreading – Cholera

Yellow Fever

The single vaccination of yellow fever is a “live vaccination”, so please take it easy 4 days after the vaccination. It is a must if you want to travel to Brazil. As soon as you want to travel to other countries after your stay in Brazil, this stamp in the vaccination pass is the condition for the successful entry. The immunization is already guaranteed after one vaccination and should be vaccinated at least 10 days before departure. The carrier is also the mosquito. The costs for “Stamaril®” are 58,71€, which were completely covered by our insurance.

Spreading – Yellow Fever


Unfortunately there is no vaccination against malaria, but you can protect yourself against it with appropriate tablets. We had two recipes issued and took them with us on our journey. Shortly before the trip to the Amazonas, the tablets are certainly of advantage. If you don’t tolerate the tablets, rather put them down and spray on a third layer of “Anti Brumm” or “nobite”. The carrier is also the mosquito. You can get 12 tablets of ATOVAQUON/Proguanil-HCl Glenmark 250mg/100mg FTA on prescription.

We have the mosquito to thank for a fast transmission. In order to prevent all diseases you should always apply an anti mosquito spray. During long hikes through tropical rainforests it is certainly worthwhile to wear “Anti Mosquito Spray Impregnation” but otherwise it is completely exaggerated. Allegedly dark clothes attract the little vampires, so you can protect yourself with light-coloured clothes. If you buy mosquito spray, make sure that the active ingredient DEET belongs to the ingredients. Not particularly beneficial to health, however, it effectively keeps mosquitoes away. Armed with skin-friendly sprays, you won’t be able to withstand the mosquito empire. May the AntiBrumm be with you!

A whole 11 injections at the doctor’s later and 2 delicious glasses of “Dukoral®” you know the life story of the loving doctor, you are with the reception staff by you (a German thing) and you have the knack out how to fight your way through everyday life without a left arm. It has helped us to place the vaccinations appointments in the afternoon, to simply spare the arm completely for the rest f the day – so it was ready for use again the next morning. Some vaccinations caused afterpains in the arm for two days, but this was really the rarity. Side effects were almost non-existent, some headaches were either due to vaccinations or other factors. Who knows…

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