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Travel the world with hand luggage – 1 year, 9kg, 11 countries

Hallo, Mingalarbar, Hola, 你好, Hello, Olá, chào chào bạn…

…welcome to the Trivelitup travel blog – your guide to travel the world with hand luggage. Filled with adventures, short trips, inspirations for long distance travels, cultural discoveries, culinary experiences and everything we have experienced on our travels. In March 2019 we quit our jobs and flat to travel the world with hand luggage backpacks. Eventually the world trip turned into a South and Central America and South East Asia trip. Here you will find all the information you need about the topic world travel, sabbaticals, globetrotting or whatever you want to call it. From the first research to quitting your job to helpful tips “on the road” we accompany you with our travel blog. Your – world trip with hand luggage – online manual.

We not only have the urge to discover this wonderful planet that we can call our home – but we also love neologism.

Who is trivelitup?

Therefore we have named our big dream to get to know the world “Trivelitup”. A composition of Travel & Live:

Live it up = to live life to the fullest

Travel it up = to travel the world

If you haven’t had enough of our trips, check out Instagram @trivelitup for more photos, videos and stories. Or let our travel videos on the different pages infect you with wanderlust.

We are pleased about your visit and the experiences you have made on your travels. Feel free to share your recommendations with us via the comment function of the individual blog posts. Like for example this one from Brazil. With this website we want to create an exchange of inspirations for travel. But most of all we want to convince you that this trip around the world was the best decision of our (so far) life.

ATTENTION: Wanderlust guarantee!!! The articles presented here have been created with much love during our travels in the plane, in the shaky bus, in the squeaking bed or even at the beach and may make you thirsty for travelling. Therefore, please dose the articles carefully and don’t weigh every word and every opinion.

Josephine & Markus