First of all, congratulations! It is certain? You would like to travel around the world? . Are you still unsure which backpack to choose, which vaccinations you need and how things work with the employment office? Then we hope our experiences will help you.

Just click through our articles and if you have further questions, just write to us.

First of all – it is always a perfect moment to start thinking about traveling the world.

If you are really passionate about you will find a way and when you are just not excited enough about it you will always find a reason not to plan a trip.

We got this point of view through the World Travel Book Vegabonding.

Whether you have kids that you will take with you, whether you do not have enough money, whether you would have to travel by yourself. You can decide to travel 1-2 months during the summer holidays of the kids, you can always work and travel and you can always travel by yourself and meet new companions on the road.

All we want to say: It is never too soon or too late to discover this wonderful planet we’re living on. Start getting your mindset ready for discovering the world.