Probably the most exciting part of your trip preparation.

What are my Must Sees? Which culture do I want to get to know? Which voluntary project would I like to support on the trip? Which animal species have I always wanted to discover in its natural environment? Which big events would I like to experience on the trip?

These and many other factors have given the itinerary its first form. In the second step, we have brought in factors such as cost of living, political situation, security and local transport, which has enabled us to reduce the destinations by more than half.

Once the biggest destinations on the route have been determined, you can find out which travel time is the best, for example, who wants to end up ankle-high in the mud in Southeast Asia because it is the rainy season or the tornado season should be avoided. So the route continues to develop. In the next step the individual destinations should result in a correct route in order to reduce long flight times and thereby reduce the costs.

For us it was also an enormously important point to roughly calculate what cost of living we will have in which country. Once the route is established, we can gather the necessary information bit by bit. We have researched the following: Costs for the flight to the destination, food for two persons per day, overnight costs for two persons per day, possible domestic flights, possible further transport costs and possible “big” costs like a hot air balloon ride in Myanmar – hopefully there is still enough cash left on the journey to really do that.

In the process other destinations were thrown out that were unfortunately just too expensive, like the USA and Canada.

How much such a trip could actually cost will be described in the section “Travel expenses” and in each Blog entry.

And the result: An ingenious itinerary and the finest urge of wanderlust!!

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