Carry-On Backpacks

It may be unimaginable for some to travel the world with just 10 kilograms for 365 days. If you set limits in advance we assure you its possible – for example set limits by the size of your luggage. Hand luggage is not only easier to carry on tropical jungle trails, but also much cheaper when it comes to flight tickets. We assure you that we also have some stylish and chic pieces and not only two functional shirts.

We have chosen the following backpacks, both of which have a capacity of around 40 liters and are accepted as hand luggage by most airlines.

  1. Osprey Farpoint 40 liter volcanic grey.
  2. Packsafe with a capacity of 45 liters in black, (W x D x H): 35 x 21.7 x 55 cm, weight 1.8kg for about 170€ decided. The advantages of the Pacsafe are: it can be opened like a suitcase with a zipper running around three sides and is therefore easy to load and unload, your clothes are well arranged and it is easier to live out of the suitcase than out of the backpack packed from above. In addition, it has all the security features such as a robust zipper through which you can not simply pierce with a pen as the material is specially woven and textured, so possible cuts are more difficult or even impossibl, thanks to the so-called Xomesh Slashguard: Hidden stainless steel wire mesh. But my favourite detail is the zipper closure, the “Roobar Deluxe Locking System”. The closures are raked into each other and all four, main compartment and small compartment for laptop etc., end at a clever eyelet which can be securely locked with a small lock and an additionally purchased lock. The whole backpack can then be covered with the triangular tab by a buckle. Thieves would have to carry the whole backpack with them and would not be able to steal anything (especially other backpackers sometimes have quite long fingers), but there is a feature for this as well, a stable metal rope which you can tie to the backpack and e.g. around the hostel drawer, a metal bar from the loft bed or similar. Bottom line: the Pascafe is ingenious and we would recommend it to everyone. With an additional small daypack tied to the front or stowed in the backpack, a globetrotter is well prepared for long journeys.

In addition, we can also recommend the bum bags from Pascafe for about 25 € which can be worn wonderfully under the trousers. So you don’t have to feel ridiculous, e.g. in Brazil every real Carioca runs around with such a thing to protect mobile phone and money from trick thieves. The bum bags are RFID protected and so the credit card is safe as well.

A small daypack is also with us in which we store diving masks, hiking boots, important documents, electronics and small stuff.

If you are interested in how we filled the backpacks for our one-year trip through South America and Asia, you can read the article Packing.

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