Surfer’s Paradise Floripa

Find out more about the tropical surfer town in Brazil, a place in the middle of nature to let your soul dangle. No bad thoughts allowed.

“Por favor escríbeme en caso de que necesite ayuda.” Our BlaBlaCar driver was extremely friendly and talkative, so the 4 hours drive from Curitiba to Florianópolis flew by.

Florianópolis, or also called Floripa by the Brazilians, is connected to the mainland by a small tongue, the whole “island” traffic is led over two big roads, so it comes constantly to traffic jams. We therefore prefer to explore the area on foot and were immediately rewarded. We passed by a fruit and vegetable shop built around a tree. The selection is big, the price is small, so a lot enters our bag. Along the way we see many vegan shops and there is a light hippie flair in the air. The bakery delicacies look partly like at home and the Kreppel/ Pannkuchen/ Krapfen are called Berlím.

However, the best way to get from A to B by bus is to avoid the rush hour. The city centre is surprisingly large.

The AirBnB Cabin

We drive to Pier 3 where we will be picked up by our AirBnB host, who will bring us to our cabin via a 15-minute hiking trail. A dream, but the way there with backpack not so. We slip on the unknown stones on the Gujaba fruits, which grow everywhere here and tie our shoes even tighter. A small wooden gate at the edge of the tracking path is the entrance to our cabin. The last 30 stone steps leave us breathless and then we are there – indescribably beautiful. A wooden house built on the hill directly next to a rock and 10 meter high bamboo trees surrounded by a tropical garden which is laid out but is still a bit wild. The birds chirp, the giant ants crawl over the ground and the view from the wooden terrace through the treetops to the glittering lake is fantastic. How can it look even more beautiful than on the pictures? The father of our host bought the piece of land about 40 years ago when many immigrants got their hands on land so he had to build quickly to secure as big a piece of land as possible. Our host spent a year high up in the north of Germany and his German was pretty good. However, he gave us the rest of the tour in English, the fence opposite on the path leads down to the house pier with barbecue area for a BBQ at the lake and his own kayak.

Let your soul hang out in the hammock

Time really flew by; hiking, kayaking (unfortunately leaking), grilling, cooking, relaxing in the garden and on the pier – really relaxing. Here we would have lasted even longer without any problems. The only exciting thing was the nightly toilet walk to the washing hut – which animals will I meet?! An antiseptum against spider and snake bites is provided, but our host said that one of the bigger monkeys could become more dangerous. Fortunately we were only visited by a blue pair of birds, who liked to have dinner with us and when we lay down quietly in the hammock after breakfast, a hungry toucan passed by and ate the small red fruits of a palm tree. We only saw little monkeys on our hiking tour. On the way we find many Gujabe which you only have to check for worms and then you can enjoy, super delicious.

A water taxi connects the 23 piers of the lake which is filled with sea water. If you want to walk for example from pier 4 to pier 23, you should plan around 2 hours. Then we simply took the water taxi back home, so relaxed. A ticket costs about 11 Reais per person, no matter how far you want to go.

An accommodation that we recommend to everyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle and wants to switch off. Here is the link to the accommodation. In case you do not have an AirBnB account yet you can use this link to get a 34€ discount on your first booking and we also get a voucher of 23€ for our next booking.


A trip to the “Dunas da Joaquina” is extremely worthwhile. The way begins in a residential street, passing through a part of Jungle forest, over rather rotten wooden panels through some ” swamp “, over the dune landscape up to the sea. You should calculate 45 minutes up to 1 hour for the way and leave in time before dark. Alternatively you could watch the sunset, walk left to the entrance of the beach and then take the bus or the Uber back home. Bus driving costs around 1,50€ and there is an extra person who takes care of the sale of the bus tickets. Changing is also possible here, you don’t need to bring suitable money with you.

Projeto TAMAR

Since the 1980s, the organization “Projeto TAMAR” has been committed to the protection of sea turtles in Brazil. The 22 sites extend along the Brazilian coast, including Florianópolis.

In the visitor centre you can inform yourself about sea turtles and there are also some turtles to admire. The turtles are used for further education and have been living here for many years. Other new companions are nursed back in the “hospital” and then when the time is up, they are released back into nature – should they survive it. 🙁

The friendly ocean-dwellers live among other things from jellyfish and therefore often consider empty garbage bags as tasty snack. The plastic cannot be properly digested in their stomach and in case they eat too many of them it cause the turtles to float on top, so they can no longer dive on the seabed to eat algae and co. This means a safe and painful death for a turtle and is only one of the negative influences we have on the creatures every day.

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