Brazil round trip

6 weeks Brazil round trip – ultimate Travel Guide – must see’s!

You’re planning a Brazil round trip but you’re wondering where to start and what to visit in this huge country? We had the pleasure to visit the beautiful country Brazil for 42 days and were completely surprised.

Our conclusion: One country so huge, so diverse from the inhabitants and their different cultures and customs over the fauna and flora up to the culinary experiences – and none is like the other. Whether we asked for the right way or for a good tip, we were always helped in a friendly way. Portuguese is not a must, but you should have some basic knowledge. Above all, Spanish or mostly English can help.

From the coastal areas like Rio to the countryside like Pantanal, from the northern regions like Salvador to the southern parts like Florianopólis, you will always discover something new. The flora is so unbelievably diverse, so you can get the freshest and tastiest fruits at every corner. We still miss the juicy and tasty food, where meat and fish play an important role. The beaches we were able to visit have cut us out of the Havaiana flip-flops and the encounters we had with the locals were fun, interesting and pleasant. But take a look at our pictures and make your own impression. Here is our route through Brazil: (Hopefully in the future we can share articles about the north of Brazil with you like from Fortaleza, Natal, Lençóis Maranhenses and Fernando de Noronha.)

Security on a round trip through Brazil

Since we have been told in advance by Brazilians and friends how careful we have to be, we want to give you a review on that topic as well. Our journey began with an extra portion of respect and caution. It’s best to find out in advance which parts of the city are the safest and don’t walk through deserted streets or alleys at night. Extremely eye-catching brand clothing or jewellery should simply be left at home. Additionally armed with a fanny pack you will certainly feel more comfortable in the big cities, but most importantly you should not assume that everyone is up to something so you miss beautiful encounters.

A healthy common sense and some increased caution was enough for us to fortunately not get into a dicey situation. As in every big city in the world, you should take care of your things and listen to your gut feeling in critical situations. On the islands and in other areas outside the cities we always felt very safe. A good indicator how one should behave are the locals themselves, so the Cariocas in Rio also carry “waist bags” and on Ilha Boipeba one walks around with money and their mobile phone in the hand. In the end we are so well immersed that we were mistaken for local people and asked for the way or the right bus.

Average cost of a 42-day round trip through Brazil:

Food9€ pP per Day
Beer Index1,10€ 0,5 Liter
Coffee Index0,70€
Accommodation35€ Double bedroom per Night
Transport4€ 10km | Domestic Flight 90€ | Bus 15€ | Boot 10€
Excursions40€ pP | Carnaval Rio 50€ pP
Laundry1,20€ per Kilo
SIM card8€ pP 2GB 14 Days TIM
Flight536€ pP (from Germany)
Total costs2.700€ pP for 42 Days

Quick Facts

Currency: Reais (Real)

Tipping: 10%.

Recommended: a fanny pack, mobile phone cover or waterproof bag for small valuables while swimming, depending on the season breathable clothing and a raincoat. Mosquito repellent and sun cream can also be bought economically in Brazil.

Languages: Portuguese and Spanish. English is not widely spoken.

Safety: High to Low depending on region.

Do’s: nice greetings like “Bom Dia!” “Boa tarde!” or “Boa noite!” use Uber and try Caipirinhas and Açaí Bowls. Use the Locals to find out how to behave about security.

Dont’s: Carry valuables open, walk alone through empty streets in the evening, leave valuables unattended on the beach, stop with a rental car at a red traffic light in the city at evening, withdraw money in a bank office to be able to stow it in peace and quiet and be careful with the topic of politics during conversations.

Get in the Brazilian Mood

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